Thursday, 27 November 2008

A Pledge

Our steps never matched
Didn’t we walk miles together?

Our tastes never matched
Didn’t we had breakfast & lunch together?

We counted the unlit roof lights
In the dingy hangars taking turns

Bartered sorrows for smiles
that lit up the dull afternoons together

we played with a single racket taking turns
tired......we left the club together

We loosened our purse strings taking turns
& were lost in myriad dreams together

We even fell sick taking turns!
Alas… just fell out of luck together

I know I let u down in the dark
Driven by devilish instincts

I know am not brave enough to
Hold u r hand & lead the way

But be assured that the next time
You are down in the murk
I shall scare my instincts out of its wits
to stand besides you until you get up
& we shall walk together

The circle around me may increase its dia
With changing times & fleeting life
But I will always try & will stand on the edge
To be a little closer to you my friend

I know our steps will never match
But I never wish to part ways with you

I know for sure
Our steps will never match
But it doesn’t matters
As long as our pulses do

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Little Prince

“Let’s start the voyage”
Said the little boy
harnessing a gigantic blue whale
“ Move on beast ,
Will discover new lands today “

The whale galloped high in the air
Dived deep into the dark blue sea
Carrying its little master!

The boy cruised along with great zeal
His way lit up ….
by corals…. bright & dazzling
A gold fish here…A green turtle there…
Standing at bay……Giving him the way…
Saluting their little master!

“hey! Stop there! Said the little boy
“ I see some one is waiting..
Waiting for me in there….
There in …..a little westward……MOVE”…commanded he

The whale moved west….into a triangular coast
& phew! There it was ….!
A giant elephant with long white tusks
waiting for him!!
It lifted him softly with its trunk,
seated him on his back
& took him along to an old lady

“R u waiting for me…
My grand old lady?

“yes, dear little boy

How dare u call me that?
I am the king !
King of kings!!
The lord of my dreamland!!!
Said the little boy

“ pardon me my lord, & please accept these..

…little hot cakes smeared with ghee
……………….I made them for thee “

“Oh! by all means’

Said the little boy & munched on them...
licking his fingers, he said…..

“hm… crisp & yummy….
He is a lucky chap…the grand old man
who lives with you
Eating your hot cakes, day in … day out…”

A bright, happy smile
Adorned the lady’s face
She bowed and said
“at your service my lord
Anyday……Anytime….I wait for thee”

“Time to get back…
End of excursion for today….
My subjects…
are waiting for me”
Said the little boy..!
Rode the elephant quick
Jumped on to the blue whale
That galloped in the air
Dived deep into the blue sea

He rode along ……..
Rode along swiftly………
Across the bright coral reefs

“Wake up dear boy...
Time to have some warm milk”
Said the pretty young lady

The little boy woke up
Brushing his dreamy eyes
& babbled
“ mamma …..
me wenth on ekch - kulchun”!!!

Oh!… I got it”
I got it… my little prince
U want some extra chocolates?
I will get it for you!!!