Sunday, 2 September 2007

believe it or not

this is a not a bedtime story as it looks like

once upon a time there lived a bunny and an owl in the deep forests of western ghats
the owl always wanted to have the bunny for its lunch
the wise bunny somehow escaped
but on a full moon day a beautiful angel came to the forest
the bunny came out to see the angel
just then the owl jumped on the bunny and killed it

the angel felt pity for the bunny and asked it had any last wish

the bunny replied
" i want the eyesight of the owl as it is so sharp and a heart as light as u
and i would like to retain one of my bunny quality in my next birth......."

the bunny meant the fairness of its skin
but the angel gave it its teeth!!!!!!!

Thus a girl was born with bunny teeth and owls eyes with a dark complexion and a light heart

now it is for u to find out who the girl is

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