Friday, 21 March 2008


Written when i moved out of the department
Pack your bags dear…
It is time to move out
Move out of the office room
Room filled with things & just things

But things seem to have a life…………….A life of their own
The creaky chairs, noisy tables,
The cleaning cloth & the unclean racks
The dustbin filled with chocolate wrappers & tablet covers
The numbered files, unused covers
The calendars of a bygone year

The bag is filled to the brim
With memories & just memories

Of Smiles, guffaws, cheers & tears
Of sweet chocolates that melted in mouth
& those which got stuck
Of Letters accepted, rejected & saved forever
Of Pins, pens & stickers abased, lost, got & given away

The writings in the log book
read, laughed at, misspelt, & missed

Tiny yellow stickers that scared, reminded & shared the work
Tiny red knives that teared papers, carved labels & shared apples
Glittering wrappers that changed hands & changed minds

The motors & minds burnt & rewound
The bills, cheques, requests & doubts paid, cleared & left pending
Hairs & thoughts left astray
Songs & messages played, saved and deleted
Clips and photos shared, hidden and flashed

But one thing seems unfazed…………the window grill
The window grill that had witnessed many things
The bright, sunny mornings
The foggy, chilled mornings
The scorching hot middays
The cool, cloudy noons
Soothing breeze in the evenings,
The tender drops, drizzles and heavy downpours……..
…………Both on that side as well on this side

Oh….! Is it the third siren dear?
Is your bag ready?
Close the window and switch off the lights
Shall I lock the door now?
Hey……! What is this I am hearing?
Did u forget your cell phone ?
“No nonsense, it is in my bag”
Then from where is this music beaming out?

Hmmm…………… the table drawer is singing!!!


Anonymous said...

all the posts are really touchy...especially the swing of life really moved me. I was able to interpret another angle, as well in that. Was that the way it was supposed to be or is it just that i only made out a meaning like that? confused abt this, anyways.. nice posts. would be happy to see this blog updated frequently...

Geetha said...

thanks for the comment anonymous.ofcourse a swing has got all possible angles....but still little girls are scared to go beyond 180 degree!
jokes apart, it was indeed written to console a depressed friend of mine

Anonymous said...

phew, its strange that you wrote swing of life "to console". It leave a sad note in your mind isnt it? I dont know or didnt quite understood your view, nyways.. keep up the good work but try to have fun filled jist in ur lines. My heart feels like laden with lead after reading......

ಸುಧೇಶ್ ಶೆಟ್ಟಿ said...

Nice poem. Tomorrow when I go to office, I will definitelly it will remind me of your poem:)